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G4 - Act Three

Release: G4 - Act Three

G4 - Act Three

01. Volare 03:17
02. Somebody To Love 04:07
03. Danny Boy 04:17
04. O Sole Mio 03:20
05. Amazing Grace 02:59
06. No Matter What (Feat. Stephen Gately) 03:43
07. I Don't Like Mondays 03:51
08. Crazy 03:34
09. Cavatina 04:27
10. Toreador 03:00
11. Old And Wise 03:38
12. We'll Meet Again 03:13
13. Silent Night 02:54


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TiTLE: Act Three
GENRE: Vocal
TiME: 46:20 min
SiZE: 62,6 MB
RiP DATE: Nov-24-2006
RELEASE DATE: Nov-27-2006
WEBSiTE: n/a

G4 have certainly come a long way since their days
as London buskers and classical music students. With
two highly-praised albums behind them (containing
remarkable versions of songs like "Bohemian
Rhapsody", "Everybody Hurts" and "You're the Voice",
and classical covers that run from "Nessun Dorma" to
"La Donna E Mobile"), the charismatic quartet known
now deliver a third album of vocal showpieces. Once
again they approach a quite dizzying array of songs
– from Queen's "Somebody to Love" and the Boomtown
Rats' "I Don't Like Mondays" to "Volare" and
"Amazing Grace" - with impeccable confidence and a
sense of stylish perfection. Act 3 contains several
potential 2006 Xmas anthems, including a sublime
rendition of "Silent Night", and the choice of
songs, wonderful harmonizing and captivating
arrangements (two tracks have been recorded with a
big band) indicate a slightly more mature direction
for the band in general.


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